Is part of the FabLab community. The Lab is a bit different from other labs, since it is not subsidized. The machines are invested ourselves, and therefore we have to ask a small fee for using the machines. You can rent the machine including assistance, but if you would like to test, experiment, and learn about the machine you can do a course. After doing this course you are free to use the machine yourself.
To learn about the prices click here.

The lasercutter is the machine most used in the Lab. With this machine you can cut different types of wood, plastics, cardboard, fabrics etc. Please check the material-table for cutting details about different materials.

Besides the lasercutter, we have other small machines like a vinylcutter, plasticbender and other tools available for use.

During the Dutch Design Week 2011 ‘Kunstuur’ visited to make a short introduction about the Fablab in Eindhoven.

To get a short impression about what we do at, check this 1 minute movie!