House rules

To prevent some uncertainties, created a small list of house rules.
They are not very difficult, and probably not necessary.
But we would like to make sure everybody uses the space and machines with the same intention.
Thank you for cooperating!

If you want to make use of one of the machine, reservations must be made.

With cancellations within 24 hours before the reservation, 50% of the costs will be charged.

There always will be someone from present when using the machines.

The customer is present when his/her prototype is being made.

The customer may operate the machine itself only after he / she has followed a course of
After attending this course the special rate will be counting.

The person operating the machine, is responsible for the correct use of it.

Visitors of are responsible for their own work and results.

Everyone is welcome at to come and learn about the techniques.
To guarantee a good work flow an appointment should be made.

Overall visitors will bring their own materials, unless otherwise discussed. has limited materials in stock that can be bought.

After use of one of the machines together is ensured that the space is left clean.

With prolonged / overnight projects materials can be left behind in
These should be marked by the owner himself.
After 2 weeks of being unused the materials will become property of the is part of the Fab Lab community.
Therefore we would appreciate it if you share with us what you’ve made and what the developments would be. will share all the photos and information on the portfolio page of its website.