Laser cutting in Eindhoven

Since a few months a new workshop opened in Eindhoven.
Including a lasercutter! So do you need to do some nice prototyping?
Just contact us and drop by to create some nice designs!

Form Study with paper

Some students of the Design Academy in Eindhoven used the lasercutter to do their form study on different products.
The advantage of this way of working is that you get fast results.
If the results aren’t as good as you hoped for, you just change the files a bit, and try again!

At the doctor

With a lasercutter it is very easy to make all kinds of nameplates.
Special ones, which they don’t sell in shops, but also personalized ones!

  • for anybody

Architectural Models

When making a scale model you can do this by hand, but you can also use the lasercutter.
This is much faster, and much more detailed.

Backstage Fences Klokgebouw

Rhonest Design created a design for backstage fences at Klokgebouw.
Parts of it were created with the lasercutter.
First some tests out of cardboard, and finally the designs out of plexi.

Interactive plant project

“De plant is een schijnbaar zielloos object en wordt met name als decoratief beschouwd. Ik wil de plant een ‘stem’ geven,” vertelt Tiddo Bakker. Dat doet hij met zijn Interactive plant project – In Vena Verbum; hij ontwierp een juweel dat de activiteit van de plant meet met een spanningsmeter. Met een bewegend diafragma wordt de levenspuls van de plant verbeeld. Op deze manier wil hij mens en natuur weer met elkaar in contact brengen.

Engraving Arpa

Engraving Arpa works really well. Because of the structure of the material, you get beautiful colour differences.

Out of the box

This special box is completely made with the lasercutter. It exists of different layers glued together.
The transparent top gives a special effect.

60 storeys…

Save time and energy by making your 60-storey-high building with the lasercutter, instead of doing all these details by hand.

Special drum sticks

A special present, for a special drummer.

Lasercutting this round shap gives a special effect, because the laser will be off focus at some places

  • made by Wouter Walmink

Red Sexy

A present, for a red sexy…

    • Personal presents

Airplane models

These airplanes where made for a workshop at “de Brainport techniekweek”.
Children could make their own airplane out of Balsa wood.

Lasercutting balsa wood works really fast, because the material is very soft.

Drakkar Fruit Bowl

“Drakkar” is a fruit bowl design by Geoffroy Lhoest.
“Drakkar” CAD file for laser cutting is freely available for download on Ponoko.

Drakkar fruit bowl by Geoffroy Lhoest is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Qoowl Glob

glob door Wisse Trooster Gaat op in de omgeving en is tegelijkertijd toch duidelijk aanwezig door het lijnenspel dat ontstaat door de lichtbreking.

Qoowl Bags

These bags are especially for the Glob and Hypocrite lamps by Qoowl (Wisse Trooster and Quinten Peuling).

Qoowl Hypocrite

Hypocrite door Quinten Peuling.
Het 3D effect van de lamp haalt de aandacht bij de werkelijke vorm en betekenis weg.

Engraving stone

For a special gift, we engraved stone.
To be more specific; granite.

The result is a really subtle, but beautiful engraving, with a different look on both the rough and smooth sides.

Engraving steel

Different tests have been done with steel.

The steel in the picture is stainless steel. As you can see at “test” engraving was possible.

But to get an even better result, we used a special Thermark coating.
The result is amazing; a nice black engravement!

Swimwear for flaunting

A bathing suit shouldn’t only be for swimming, believes Ionie Chamilaki.
In her Pronkpak collection, each piece is designed for flaunting as well.
Inspired by 1920s’ bathing suits, Chamilaki combines specially developed sheer knits with silky lycra.
Smooth rubber trimming along the edges eradicates the need for seams, while providing a decorative detail.
The resulting clean-cut, sporty silhouettes contrasted with revealing insets create a subtle tension.
Cubist forms in the fastenings provide the finishing touch.
A collection destined for suave poolside lounging and sunset strolls along the promenade.

Story Signs: Tijdelijk Amsterdam

Story Signs tell stories that relate to the location they signal.

Story Signs draw parallels between the present and the past by revealing hidden stories about trade routes, migration, tourism and industry. All together they form a network of inspiring stories that connect villages and cities, making us aware of our living environment’s richness.

Florian first created ‘papercraft prototypes’ of the signs and translated these into wood-laser-cutted Signs.


Masterproject “AMSTERDAM GROOT(S)” Technical University Eindhoven by Mark Gijsbers.

A design for the Zuidas Amsterdam, a district with a grid layout with 50mx50m parcels. Two adjacent parcels were designed as one to research the strengths and weaknesses of a large urban building.

    • Mark Gijsbers

Groningen aan Zee Spel

Groningen aan Zee is een zogenaamde serious game waarin bewoners worden gevraagd om pro-actief mee te ontwikkelen aan de toeristische toekomst van de Eemsdelta.

Het spel is een katalysator waarin een periode van dertig jaar wordt teruggebracht tot één dag. Ideeën en verwachtingen worden versneld vertaald in een doe-agenda. Toeristische groei is de doelstelling van het spel en daarbij geldt: iedereen wint of iedereen verliest!

Dit spel is ontwikkeld door Partizan Publik, social engineers who produce public equity through research, design and communication.

Brains Award

De BRAINS Award is een wedstrijd voor alle studenten in Eindhoven. Omdat de award uit vijf hoofdprijzen bestaat: namelijk Duurzaamheid, Samenwerking, Publiek, Innovatie en Leefbaarheid hebben we gekozen voor een vijfhoek. De 40 genomineerden hebben we ondergebracht in het midden van de Award in de vorm van houten plakken die elk voorzien zijn van een gravure, daarmee creëerden we een wisselwerking in het geheel tussen het transparante, solide acrylaat aan de buitenkant en het vriendelijker, lichter materiaal aan de binnenkant. De Award werd gaande de uitreiking steeds kleiner tot uiteindelijk elke deelnemer over zijn of haar deel beschikte.

    • Bobby Blue

Maquette Klokgebouw

To get an idea of our workingspace without walls, we created a maquette from the fifth floor of the Klokgebouw.

Model appartementen complex

Dit model van een appartementencomplex is gemaakt door Dave van den Berg.
Geintegreerd is de LED verlichting.

Door van den Berg Group

Floating Lamps

Crealev has reinvented the standard lamp, combining cutting-edge technology with classical forms to suit any interior. Now available in two new energy-efficient floating models: ‘Silhouette’ and ‘Eclipse’.


Mijn afstudeerproject staat in het thema van de herinnering. Herinneringen bestaan uit verhalen, geuren, kleuren en beelden. Wij dragen de herinneringen, als een last op de schouders of als een warm plekje in het hart. Een herinnering wordt door het leven gevormd. Elke leeftijdsfase, geeft een andere kijk op de herinnering. Verhalen en herinneringen dansen om ons heen en kleuren het leven.

MDF Curved Case for the Rapsberry Pi

A case for the Raspberry Pi, using 3mm MDF, laser cut in a pattern that gives it a smooth curved appearance. The result is an object that stands out from the crowd, it hints at the technical Raspberry Pi inside, with more natural rather than the typical high-tech look.


A chesterfield deep buttoned armchair reinterpret by reconstructing it through polygon surfaces in a computer program. As part of the refabriek project together with manystudio I transformed the digital model to a 2D developable surface, printed it and rebuilt it in paper.

hrough that a real representation of the digital interpretation of the chesterfield could be experienced. The use of paper allowed to realizes the real scale model in an easy way but not to create a functional chair

Nomadic Desk Lamp

This lamp was designed as part of a project on the future of working. This exhibition is part of *Stadhuis Meets Design at Eindhoven’s city hall during the Dutch Design Week and will stay there for at least two weeks after.

Lasercutting Plaster mold

As an experiment we tried to engrave plaster. Since it is taking a long time to engrave with a good depth, we tried cutting it. Wen putting the laser out of focus, we managed to get the right thickness of lines. It looks great when cutting and the result is amazing!

This mold will be used by Maarten Kolk & Guus Kuster for their Series of Porcelain.

Lasercutting Plaster mold

Ook voor leuke kado’s kan een lasersnijder erg handig zijn!
Hier hebben we een kapstok gemaakt, door de kinderen zelf beschilderd.

    • Kapstok


For an assignment at the Art Academy in Maastricht, some students created lasercut rings.
This is one example made by Kira, but this technique makes it easy to make many iterations on one object.

    • Made by Kira

Floo bag

Floo Bag

This bag is completely created with a lasercutter. The wooden parts are connected with a special plane-fabric by electric wire.
It’s a real eye catcher, especially because of the eye-moving effect created by the flower pattern.

It is for sale in the Etsy shop. Click here to purchase it.


Double layer logo

This logo contains two layers of plexiglas.
To be able to place the letters in the correct place the logo is engraved first in the bottom layer.

This way we could nest the red letters to be able to take them out of a small piece of material.

These pieces fit perfectly in the engraving and with a bit of glue the result looks classy!


Door Art

A nice big art piece on an entrance door

Since the piece is too big to cut at one, we created it out of different (smaller) pieces.



Op 30 mei 2013 wordt op de Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam De Wilhelminasteen herplaatst. Net als bij de eerste plaatsing in 1891, nu 122 jaar geleden, krijgt de steen een tijdcapsule mee. Over nog eens 122 jaar, in 2135, zal die weer geopend worden.

De nieuwe tijdcapsule wordt gevuld met 1000 vragen aan de toekomst. De teller staat nu op: 529. Ook jouw vragen kunnen er nog bij!



Deze maquette is opgebouwd uit lagen, waardoor een mooi diepte effect gecreëerd is.

Dit is een afstudeer opdracht van Floor van Wulfften Palthe voor de HKU Urban Design.


    • Floor van Wulfften Palthe


Gijs Bakker_map


By Gijs Bakker


    • Gijs Bakker



Kranthout Interior Peugeot Onyx

Ontwerplabel Vij5 en Mieke Meijer presenteren met trots het resultaat van hun samenwerking met Peugeot en de toepassing van KrantHout in de nieuwste conceptcar van Peugeot; de Onyx!

Het futuristische interieurontwerp van de Onyx bestaat uit een gedurfde combinatie van de materialen KrantHout, vilt en carbon. KrantHout is toegepast als bekleding van het dashboard, een w-vormig element achter de twee zitplaatsen en in de deurpanelen. In combinatie met het grijs gemêleerde vilt levert dit, zeker voor de auto-industrie, een uitzonderlijk interieur op. Naast het bijzondere materiaalgebruik in het interieur bevat de Onyx meer innovatieve elementen zoals een glazen brandstofmeter en een deels koperen exterieur.



Students from the Design Dept, Fashion, Jewellery and Textiles, focus on our interpretation of hygiene, often with quite personal results. Inflection by Romina Hermans is a mask and neck protector made from intricate laser-cut wood, so delicate it can flex around the body’s curves.


Soldier Laser Cut Ring

Romina made 3 rings that you can wear together so you get a war silhouette of soldiers.
They are cut out of plexiglass.
The drawing of the rings were made in Adobe Illustrator.


Wooden Shoe

Romina Hermans created a wooden shoe out of wood. By constructing pieces she can slide together.
By doing this, the shoe appears

Stencil lasercut

Wall Stencils

For a Yoga Studio in Eindhoven, Jara created stencils to be able to make the correct text in hindu.
The stencils were made out of PP, so they can be re-used.


Westernized East

Istanbul, Turkey, was once an oriental city. By the rise of various multinationals like McDonalds, Shell and Starbucks, Istanbul became more westernized every year.

What product could represent the oriental part of Istanbul better than a traditional Turkish tapestry? The infiltration of the West in Istanbul, is shown by keeping the original shape of the tapestry, but changing the traditional decorative elements by popular brands and logo’s.

The sheet was lasercut in pieces, glued together, and used to print: Lithography, 1900 x 900mm on Japanese Kozo paper.


MDF spiral

After making the first tests with cutting MDF to make it flexible, we tried a little more by creating spirals.

Different spiral-types give, of course, different effects. In this spiral all the lines are the same thickness, which generates a more oval shape.


    • Fiona van de Geijn –


fiona_flexible plexiglas

Plexiglas spiral

After making the first tests with cutting to make a material flexible, we tried a little more by creating spirals.

Different spiral-types give, of course, different effects. This golden spiral gives a nice triangular shape.


    • Fiona van de Geijn –


fiona_foldingPP tests

Folding PP

For a big project, many PP sheets had to be cut. Unfortunately for every sheet we had a left-over-strip.
We don’t like to throw precious material in the bin, so Fiona transferred it into a foldable lampshade.

To create a nice fold and light effect different tests were done, with different patterns and connections.

To see the final result click on the link below.


Layered Acryl

When laser cutting acrylic sheets, the cutting lines are polished because the material melts a bit.

What if you put two layers on top of each other and then cut it?

The two sheets ‘glue’ together!


    • experiment




Both connections and triangles were lasercutted press-fit.

Combining the mirroring plexiglas gives a special light effect


Wine Gift

This design is inspired on the open source idea of cutting wood to make it flexible.

When cutting it, it is flat, but by stretching the wood you can connect it to make it a cylinder shape.


    • By Fiona van de Geijn



Gift Package

Once the wine gift package was designed, it can easily be translated into other packages.

Like this one, specially made for a ‘Nespresso’ machine.


    • By Fiona van de Geijn



3D puzzle

With flat pieces, a modular system can be build.

In this case you can build several constructions with the circles in different sizes.


    • By Fiona van de Geijn



Ping Pong your style!

To relax a bit after some hours of hard work, a game of ping pong can be very inspiring.
Especially when you are playing with your personal bat! organizes a competition: ‘Ontwerp je betstrijd’

In may the winner(s) will be announced…


    • By




Intern Piek Kuppers worked on an assignment for the Internet Score Card, to design a personal business gift.

The result is this clock, with the ‘clock-hands’ in shape of the logo. In internet everything is about time. Most parameters are time-related, and therefore it is important to be able to keep track of this time.

Isabelle vd Brekel_beestenboel


Isabelle van den Brekel designed these animal coasters.

Since a few weeks these are for sale at ‘Out of the Blue’ concept store at Strijp-S

barbara medo


Barbara Medo is A designer in fashion and interior accessories and creator of moods and atmospheres. She has a curious, experimental, intuitive way of working.

By working with different materials and techniques she creates new possibilities and designs.

This work was commissioned by Oltmans van Niekerk.


Wirelesss lights

Deze 8mm MDF cover is gemaakt als test voor wireless besturing van lampen.
Deze bak is een alternatief voor wildgroei van schemerlampen etc, om mee te testen.



When I design I love to get inspired by the beauty of nature. For this project I got inspired by the world of insects. This world is full of interesting functions combined with amazing shapes. Changeling is a project that is inspired by insects that transform their appearance to impress. The insects change to protect themselves against their enemies, to seduce the opposite sex or to camouflage themselves. They transform by changing their body posture and open up their wings. In that way they create a surprising and impressive new shape. This phenomenon I have translated into a product, a cabinet which transforms into a dressingtable to change our own appearance. Something we do daily as well, for instance: when we go outside, or have an important appointment. Depending on our goal for that day we stand in front of our mirrors to get dressed, put make up on our faces, and camouflage things we would not like to show others. The cabinet is inspired by the shapes of insects. The doors are like wings that can open up. By opening the doors the cabinet transforms into a new shaped cabinet which serves as a dressing table. You can store your products inside and use the mirrors to change your appearance.


Maquette woonhuis te Asten

Woonhuis te Asten,
Maquette schaal 1 op 50,
Materiaal mdf en plexiglas

Ontwerp en maquette Studio-pls
Rick Eijsbouts


Gift Box

This gift box is made by multiple layers of cardbord.
By designing it smart, you don’t need a lot of material, to create a big volume.


    Lydia Stoffelen



Co Design Award

As a small reward for the good work in the introduction week, Fiona made a award for 4 Co Design Students.

It is a combination in Plexiglass and wood.


TMC Award can also design objects on request. This is a small example of an award, made for TMC.

The award is made out of thick acrylic. Press fit letters in a stand, so glue won’t be necessary.

Rolling Pin

This Rolling pin is a design from Amandine David.

It leaves it’s mark when rolling over some dough.

Asian paperdress

Het kunstobject is gemaakt van papier. Het is een verwijzing naar het leven: je komt als een blanco blad op de wereld. Gaandeweg wordt het blad beschreven en wordt er iets moois uit gevormd. Uiteindelijk vergaat het tot as. Zo zal ook de demoversie van deze jurk verbrand worden tot as.

De typisch Japanse motieven zijn minutieus uitgesneden middels lasertechniek. De papieren jurk krijgt hierdoor, net als het leven, iets fragiels en zachts. Ik heb mij laten inspireren door de Japanse levensfilosofie Wabi Sabi. Waarbij alles draait om de schoonheid van het vergankelijke en het onvolmaakte.