Sponsored by de-factorij.nl

During the last year de-factorij.nl was proud sponsor of some events by lasercutting decorations for the Tedx Youth event and creating Fanbot parts for the Robocup 2013.

Robocup 2013

TedX Youth


For all different kinds of plastics.
See also werkenmetkunststof.nl for information about the processing possibilities for the different materials.

Specialist in acrylics (plexiglass), they sell all different materials and even design different dessins in acrylic.

Other Interesting Links

If you’re starting as a creative entrepeneur, and you would like to collaborate at an inspiring environment, have a look at:
Little Mountain Creative Environment

De-factorij.nl is part of the FabLab community. To get more information about the different FabLabs and to see where other Labs are check:
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If you are planning to buy a lasercutter our first advise is: do a course at de-factorij.nl (it won’t get cheaper!), otherwise go to:
Lion Lasers

For nice presents, inspiration and some free blueprints for lasercutting and 3D printing:

Whatever you want to make, can be found on instructables, including the how to…!

Another nice open source platform is