Materials in stock

Normally you bring your own materials, but to keep you from carrying heavy weights we have limited materials in stock.


3 mm plexiglas sheets 900x900mm (smoked brown, milk white, semi transparrant orange, purple, grey, fluo yellow, fluo pink – all without protection foil)
€30,-* per sheet

3mm plexiglas pieces, different colours, new
Price from €5,-* to €40,-* depending on the size

* All prices are ex VAT (19%)


Poplar wood 900x600mmx12mm
€20,-* per sheet

Poplar wood 900x600mmx9mm
€18,-* per sheet

Poplar wood 900x600mmx6mm
€15,-* per sheet

MDF 900x600x9mm
€10,-* per sheet

MDF 900x600x6mm
€8,-* per sheet

MDF 900x600x4mm
€6,-* per sheet