Robocup Fanbot by Kekketek

This project is done by Kekketek. It started as a bold idea approximately a year ago: Can we build a 1000 robots during the Robotcup 2013 event in Eindhoven? And can we provide the participant to the event the opportunity to experience the joy and satisfaction of building robots? This resulted in the “FanBot” project: Building a 1000 cheering robots together with the visitors to the Robocup event. The visitors can build a robot that is put on a stand to encourage the competing robot teams. They can perform coordinated movements (like a crowd waiving during a real football match) and aldo have their own identity and unique movements.

The makers of the robots can collect their own creation at the end of the event. Due to the support of Robocup2013, various sponsors (companies and individuals) the robots can be provided at no cost.


At the end of Robocup 2013, the stand was crowded and the robots all cheered for the final match.The breathtaking match between The Netherlands and China ended in a victory for China, but it was a close call.

The Fanbots where positioned right behind the goal. Luckily no balls where shot into the crowd, so there where no injuries amongst the Robot Fans. Tomorrow they all find a home with their makers.

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