European Street Design Challenge 2013

For the third time we visited le Centquatre for the European Street Design Challenge during the Futur en Seine festival in Paris. Again Fiona was coaching the teams in their design process.

In this Challenge, the focus was on the idea of an Expo for the Paris Region, which would both present wider visions of an urban future, whilst providing a practical legacy of sustainable urban regeneration for the local area. Participants were invited to create an international Expo concept for the area, then design a pavilion, installation, an application or space which would inspire, excite and transform on an economic, social or cultural level.

At the core of the Expo concept is the idea of “international”, bringing people together to create and share ideas across borders for the greater good of all. In this sense, the European Street Design Challenge 2013 did unite a broad range of international design teams from Paris, Ile de France, London, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Russia to develop, present and fuse their ideas for urban regeneration and progress.

We also visited the FabLab at the cité des sciences et de l’industrie to do some prototyping for the teams.

After 3 days of hard work, the teams presented their fabulous work. An the winner was ‘our’ Dutch team L’amour d’orange!

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